A Visit to Speyer & Sinsheim Auto-Technik Museums

Afternoon all,
Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Speyer and Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museums in Germany. They are by far the most comprehensive collections of aviation and automotive things I have ever seen. Here are a few photographs!

please note these are all my own photographs and they must not be used without written permission

Sinsheim is the only place in the world where both a Concorde and TU-144 are on display. It was fantastic to see them both in person and take a look inside them both. I was more excited about the TU-144 as it is the only one outside of Russia and I have seen several Concordes in the UK and abroad.

I can absolutely recommend these museums to anyone with any level of interest in cars, transport, or aviation. I omitted car photos as I realise that’s probably not what you folk here are interested in seeing.

If anyone has any questions about the museums please by all means just ask! :)

camera information:
Canon EOS 5D Mk. IV
Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM


This is so cool!

Love 2 see the concorde one day

Hi! Thanks for your comment name friend lol. There are currently six Concordes on display in the UK, so no matter where you are you shouldn’t be too far from one. I’ve attached a list of every Concorde on display for you to check out.


I’ve never been to Speyer but I’ve been to Sinsheim multiple times. Seeing both the Concorde and the TU-144 united at one place is stunning to see every single time. Great pictures!


Thank you! Last week’s trip to Germany was solely for cars and planes so I aimed to visit pretty much anywhere between Köln and Stuttgart that’s associated with either (including renting a Porsche 👀). You should check out Speyer some time, it’s not too far from Sinsheim at all and it’s run by the same group.

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I like the way that most of the airplanes are suspended in the air. The 747 is impressive along with the Concorde and TU-144!

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🤘🏽 Cool pic

I have been to both Museums, (Speyer most recently) and was plesantly surprised at the amount of aircraft on display. Great pictures and nothing better than standing on the wing of the 747 overlooking the city!


Cheers ill have to have a look! once lockdown is over 🙄

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Who else recognizes it from the Swiss 001 video

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Boy am I jealous😂

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Wow, that’s incredible. I’d love to make it there myself someday, but probably not for a while.

I’m lucky to live near both of them so I visited them multiple times. It does not get boring. All the things on display there are so interesting! Sinsheim is truly focused on aviation and military whereas Speyer is covering almost everything. From submarine to space shuttle (Russian space shuttle Buran). You can climb into almost every larger vehicle on display! I would totally recommend them to everyone who is interested in aviation and is visiting Germany! Thank you for sharing this here

Thank you for your comment and welcome to the community! I absolutely adored both of the museums for the exact reasons you stated. It was a wonderful experience and one I most certainly shan’t forget.

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