A Virtual Thanksgiving 2021 Trip from St. Louis to Miami

Happy Thanksgiving Folks. I am posting my shots regarding my Thanksgiving 2021 trip report from St. Louis to Miami 🇺🇸 onboard American Airlines Flight 1569. I hope you like those photos. So here we go.

First Flight: American Airlines Flight 1569 - St. Louis to Miami 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Destination: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Flight Time: 2hrs 45mins

We have arrived at our gate luckily in time for boarding which is Gate C24. And here goes our aircraft for our trip to Miami

We have pushed back and on our way to RWY 12R for takeoff out of STL

Lining up RWY 12R in prep for takeoff. “Flight Attendants, prepare for takeoff” I’m so ready for takeoff

And liftoff we go, heading to MIAMI!!! Goodbye St. Louis

Climbing out of St. Louis as we flyover MidAmerica St. Louis airport.

Cruising at FL390, as we fly over Tennessee heading South to Miami. The flight attendants came along the cabin with snacks and drinks for them to hand out. I chose Sprite and it looks like they served us Biscoff Cookies and pretzels. So I chose both with my Sprite.

And here we go upon our descent getting near Miami, as we fly over Hollywood Beach. Nice and beautiful view of Fort Lauderdale Airport on our right

And here we are on final RWY 30 at MIA in prep for landing

And we have landed safely into Miami Airport after challenging that approach with that wind gust. And now, we are taxiing to our arrival gate which is at Concourse E

And arrival to Gate E7 completed and we are here at Miami International Airport. It’s really late isn’t. And when we arrive to our house, it will be really late. So time for us to head to baggage claim and grab a cab to our house in Miami

Alrighty folks, our Thanksgiving Flight to Miami has been completed and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and to all of your family. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and don’t eat too much food.


The last two images for me aren’t loading :)

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They loaded for me.

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Ah, well the other pictures look beautiful!

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Nice photos, Miami decently needs 3D buildings


I’m sure it’s coming in the future.




Yep, I hope St. Louis and Miami both have 3D buildings

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I am flying this route irl tomorrow on the max!!


Enjoy your flight from KSTL-KMIA on the B737 MAX

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