A virtual joystick

I have a Apple iPad is there a virtual joystick that I can use?


Welcome to the community! I’m not sure about this, but I know you can connect your phone to a computer and use a joystick that way. Maybe others will know about this. I wish you a great stay here on the IFC!

Hello. The sim is set by default to the accelerometer in the device, which I find works just about as well as a joystick, or as Cooper said, you can connect a real joystick via a computer and LiveFlight Connect. What exactly are you looking for?

Liveflight connect has stopped working since last year if you didn’t know if still works let me know then
and @Jack38219 If you have a pc try bluestacks and u can get joystick and all of that

Check out Fly-by-Wire if you have an iPhone as well! It lets you use your phone as a virtual joystick or yoke while Infinite Flight runs on your iPad.

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