A Virtual Adventure with a Somber Note: Casablanca to Gaza in Infinite Flight

Hey fellow aviators! Just completed a thrilling 4-hour flight from Casablanca to Gaza in Infinite Flight.

Royal air maroc was one of few carriers who operated flights to Yasser Arafat international airport before Israeli occupation forces bombed it. I couldn’t help but wish for a day when there’ll be peace between Israel and Palestine.

Route: GMMN 🇲🇦-LBGZ 🇵🇸

Let’s all pray for a peaceful and prosperous Palestine and Israel 🇵🇸 ☮️ 🇲🇦 ☮️ 🇮🇱


I didn’t even know there were airports in Gaza.


It was opened in 1998. In December 2001 an Israeli air strike destroyed it. The ICAO condemned this move as it violated the 1995 Oslo accords.

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wow, i won’t share my personal opinion on the matter though

Me neither, it could spark conflict.

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What airport did you exactly land at? There are no airports in what is recognized by the UN as Gaza/Palestine that are operational and added into Infinite Flight.

I think he said it was destroyed?

LVGZ it’s yasser Arafat airport it was operational until October 2001 I believe.