A violation

I got 6 violations today and I don’t know why. I was monitoring my flight and the fastest speed I went was Mach .77. If someone knows how to figure out how to find out what happened that would be great.

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Hello Cameron,
Please go you your flight log, find the flight with the violations, and tap on it so it is highlighted.
Then press the information symbol in the bottom right and it will tell you what they were for.


go to logbooks it will give a time and reason

It says I was over speeding but I don’t know when

Did you ever do 260KIAS or more below 10000?

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No I slowed to 220 unless something happened that I don’t know about

I think @DeerCrusher might be able to help, he has the flight data and can pinpoint you to the problem.

Always pay attention during those times for whatever it is worth. Speaking from experience.
Because a .77 shouldn’t be giving you violations

What plane were you using? If it were a GA aircraft or Dash 8 I do not believe they could go .77 which could lead to a violation…

Yeah, that’s hard to understand. I recently hasd 3 speed violations in 2 minutes. I wonder how that can be possible if we always get a warning before the violation report. I guess 2 minutes are not really enough for that. Just wondering.
Can anyone help on that?

It was an A320.

A mod can close this.