A violation out of now where

Hi there, I have an Aerobatics violation on my violations and I don’t even remember doing tricks or flips in the game, anyone know why

That violation is from 28 days ago, according to the image. Best thing to do would check out the replay from that date, you might have forgotten about it by now. If it’s a mistake, not sure weather you contact @ moderators or @ appeals (saving them a tag) to remove the violation.

Given the violation was more than 7 days ago, it will not be possible to appeal it.

I don’t have a replay but, I do remember escorting people in TL but didn’t do any sort of tricks
And found something weird in my log book

I received one of this when I tried to land on Lukla on the training server, unfortunately I played the ground fast trying to beat the stol, the brake made me roll forward and a few seconds later I took this

i believe that maybe i could reverse because it was an accident, but as they have already said, has a time for it passes appeal, and even in time without the replay it would be very difficult to remove

But if u see, it is most likely a glitch from that log book image up there

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