A View Through Another Screen/Long Haul Team Work

This feature request gives an IF user the ability to select any active flight within the Infinite realm and board that live flight. The user would then gain access to that flights camera controls but not the actual flight controls and become a virtual passenger. An interior drone camera view of another’s IF aircraft is imagined. After boarding said flight at any given moment, whether aboard a friends aircraft seconds from greasing/buttering an impressive landing to casually staring out the window of a soulless cruising airliner at the clouds over their favorite region, regardless they would be able to gain the perspective of the other IF pilot. Riding along with the perspective of the expert pilot as a neewbie on board during arrival/departure following exact procedures and interacting with atc and traffic could be used as a loose form of a tutorial for those who really only need a quick reference or for those reluctant to join the expert server. A learning tool. The possibilities are endless and personally I’d use it to learn and observe. Ultimately though this idea would spawn the potential for pilots to exchange controls with one another. For example, an actual control shift from device to device from one pilot to another could take place. A shift change on a long haul could be possible which would give multiple people an opportunity to experience the responsibilities of maintaining flight for extended hours. All logged participants would receive the landing and experience points but also everyone aboard that has recorded control of the flight would inevitably suffer consequences and will receive violations accordingly if somebody along the route violates the rules. Team effort. There would have to be a limit to how many people could control a flight much as in real life. The details of who would fly specific legs of the flight could be organized using the community platform similar to hopeful ATC candidates posting their practice airports. I’m sure that there’s a strong potential for user abuse and chaos but if properly developed there could be positive aspects that would broaden the IF experience. I don’t have a clue how any of this would work and I do apologize if this is a duplicate request, left field, far fetched or not necessary. I’m sure you’ll let me know within seconds. It would be helpful for someone to expound on this feature request to help give reasons for how it could/couldn’t work. I know this idea is a little over the top. I’ve searched many topics but perhaps this request or something that resembles it, is buried deeper than I can go.

Sounds similar to this topic:

Although I do love the idea, the technical limitations Vs the minimal payoff make me think this is very unlikely to ever be added…

Requested closure.