A View of Qantas’ Group Fleet in IF

Hello everybody!

Since I saw @TheAviation_YT’s Airbus topic, I decided to make one but specified for Qantas because I love Qantas and i have flown it many times before. Enjoy the pictures I have taken.

The Airbus Beast Blasting off from Changi

VH-QPH rotating out of Honolulu

The mighty queen taking off from LAX

The B763 Retracting it’s gear as it rotates from Hong Kong

An almost tail strike on Jetty B788 outta Gold Coast!

The QF 789 Headed off to Sydney as it takes off from SFO

QF’S B738 Taking off from YPAD!

The Little Dashy Blasting out of the Down Under Capital :)

Jetstar A320 rotating from Auckland

QantasLink A320 slowing down on Runway 21 at Perth.

Edit: Had to remove the B711 because of the pic limit. 🥺
Hope you enjoy these pictures @QantasVirtualGroup and everyone else!

Canton :)


Canton, what about the QantasLink Dash-8? Gotta show the beautiful little prop some love!

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Oh wait! I have the picture but I can’t find it, give me a sec

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Done (10 characters)

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Very nice pictures, the Dash-8 is the icing on the cake!

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Thanks, BP!

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Wow I never noticed how much we had!

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Looks great!

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Isn’t our fleet just beautiful. 😍


Where is the Qantas Link 717?

Wow amazing pictures 🤩

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I had to remove it because of the photo limit.

why did u put JetStar planes instead of the other two Qantas planes missing?

What two qantas planes? I had to remove the 717 because of the photo limit and Jetstar is part of Qantas, lol.

Read carefully. Goes the same for everyone else.

Excellent shots 👏

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