A View of a Helipad - Aberdeen Airport

You’re packed and ready start your new job where the next two or three weeks you’ll be on . You head to the airport and begin your trip to Aberdeen Airport.

Touch down, you’ve landed in Aberdeen Scottland. And quickly head to the next terminals. The sound of turbine rotors can be heard all over, the smell of Jet A is in the air. You’re amazed at all the action taking place at Aberdeen, you look out side to see a CHC’s Sikorsky S-92 is on final after flying to an Oil Rig in the North Sea

You look towards Bistrow’s to notice one of their thirty two Airbus H-225 Super Pumba taxing to the runway to depart

A NVH Airbus H-175 just loaded it’s 7 passengers, and is getting clearance to taxi to the active

Your flight is called to the platforms, CHC341. You pick your bags and head to the flight line to find a fleet of four Airbus H225 Super Pumas, you’re about to depart.

With the major companies, Bistrow, CHC, Babacock, operating more then 39,000 rotor wing operations a year the heliport moves more then 500,000 passengers to and from off shore facilities.

The heliport has been operational since 2014, helicopters are authorize to fly between 0600 to 2230, with a noise cancellation they’re unable to operate at night. Aberdeen crews typically fly out to the platforms and return back to base, there are sometimes where they do stop at other helipads for fuel!


Ooooh interesting
Love the photos!


Awesome! It looks like a airport I must visit in my life :D

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interesting, very good photos that you have there!!

Been to Aberdeen before. Certainly a lot of helicopters. They are finishing up refurbishing the terminal I believe


They usually fly to oil rigs to drop off oil workers or to pick them up

Very cool! I’d love to head that way, Rotor wings, and Jet A = great day lol

Yes this is the primary airport for the North Sea Oil Platforms

Used to be my home airport until I moved to England, now my nearest is Manchester

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Nice. Pretty cool. But shouldn’t this be in ‘spotting’

Nope since this isn’t a post about spotting

If your in scotland welcome. The people are nice. Just dont drink the bucky they give you

Are these you’re photos?

Aberdeen and Norwich = Great Cities and Rotary Lifeline of Oil Rigs.

I love watching heli’s! Might have to visit sometime.

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