A video off a quick flight with ATC!

Taking off and landing on EGLL with ATC on the Advanced Server!


How do you record IF when the app is for Windows?

The iPad connects to the PC via AirPlay.

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Nice video you realize your 2000 ft above pattern altitude though right?

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I find it a bit distracting.
I am visually impaired and am having a hard time seeing all the information that the HUD is showing.
Also seeing the cockpit makes it even harder for me.

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I got used to 3500ft because of APPR. Whenever I use it it starts climbing to 3500ft, so when I’m already at that altitude there are no surprises.
Also the ILS indicates that you are too low when you are at the start of the red ILS triangle.

Correct if your in the pattern the furthest you should go out past the airport is about 5 miles. But typically 2 or 3. And if the glide slope is high just maintain altitude until your established and then you can turn appr on.

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Whenever I do pattern work I get sent to the beginning of the red ILS triangles, so that would mean about 8nm away and an ILS altitude of around 3000ft, at least at EHAM.
Shouldn’t ATC call my base earlier when it’s only supposed to be 2 or 3nm and max 5??

Who sends you there approach? And no tower wouldn’t call your base to control your pattern. Tower should be telling you to decend to pattern altitude though.

No, not Approach, but Tower. I usually only encounter Tower and Ground.
Not enough controllers on the Advanced Server to also have Approach.

So far I’ve never been told to descend to pattern altitude. I have heard Tower say “I’ll call your base” lots of times though.

On advanced? 🤔

You should definitely be hearing decend to pattern altitude now with the updated transition guidelines.

Oh, also, when I started turning base without instruction, I’ve been told to “Extend downwind”, so I’ve never done pattern work that resulted in turning base before the red ILS triangle ended, so that’s 8nm away minimum.

And this is on advanced with a sequence to follow someone?

On the Advanced Server and not always when following other traffic.

Well next time get the controllers name because that isn’t right.