A video and audio merger?

Is there a way to merge audio and video into one “clip”?

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I don’t know what you mean and you would have to be more specific

What do you mean? Are you trying to record a video with internal system sounds?

You might have to get a third party app for that. Infinite Flight can only do so much.

Ok. So. I have a timelapse video clip and I want to do a music “overlay” on it. Any thirdparty app thast can do that?

To add the music? Then yes. Many free video editors do this.

I don’t get to choose my song on the editor that I have, any free softwares that can let me import an .mp3 song?

There are many “youtube video downloaders” websites which let you download a youtube video into an mp3 file. However make sure that the music is copyright free.

Ok .I did that, it is made my NCS, now how to do the overlay?

Overlay? Adding the music?

Adding music.

That is unique to how the editor works. If the editor you’re currently use does not allow this, then you should download another editor.

Your question is if there is a way that music and video can be ‘merged’ in one clip. The answer is: yes, with a video editor.

Apple makes iMovie which can do it, for example. Windows 10 has a video editor built in.

I suggest you now go and search for a video editor, and study how to use it.
This is not a forum about video editors.

Ok. Thank you for your help.

How to insert music to iMovie?

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No, sorry.

You’ve got the answer to your question.
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