A Very Welcome Surprise @ EGPF and EGPK

I went spotting this morning at Glasgow Intl unaware of the surprise that would come later that day.


British Airways A319-131 GLA-LHR G-EUOG

Emirates B777-36N(ER) DXB-GLA A6-ECC

Emirates B777-36N(ER) GLA-LHR A6-ECC Looks super similar to the one above. šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø

After a few more planes I checked Flightradar24 and I saw the AN225 landing at Prestwick Airport about 40miles away. I had to see it. So I went in the car and drove down, as I parked up there was a
Cargolux B747 landing I jumped out and the pictures are as follows

Cargolux B747-4HAF-(ER) LAX-PIK LX-LCL

(Left) Antonov Airlines A225 Mriya PIK-CHR UR-82060
(Right) Cargolux B747-4HAF-(ER) PIK-LUX LX-LCL

Antonov Airlines A225 Mriya PIK-CHR UR-82060

Antonov Airlines A225 Mriya PIK-CHR UR-82060

Cargolux B747-4HAF-(ER) PIK-LUX LX-LCL

Somehow with alot of luck I seen the worlds largest and arguably coolest plane and the Queen of the skys. What a day.

Please leave criticism positive or negative its all welcome. Please drop a follow on Instagram and have a good day!


Beautiful shot of the ThiCConov you got there!


That AN225 looks bigger close up then it going over ur head at FL330

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Great shots, keep up the good work. Iā€™m looking forward to your next topic!


Also, just noticed this.

I think the AN225 wanted someone to take her

pik-chr. (picture)



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Beautiful pictures! šŸ¤©

Great to see Prestwick, and the AN-225 fly there, and of course the mighty 747 Freighter!

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I followed you on Instagram before I saw this topic! Great photos!

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Awesome shots! The Cargolux 747s are so cool, I really wanna spot one irl

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Lovely photos! I think the second shot of the AN-225 does a great job at portraying its sheer size


The antonov was amazing šŸ˜šŸ˜ā¤ļøāœˆļø

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