A Very Very Very Busy Day at Stansted

Hello IFC! Today, EGSS had perhaps the highest amount of traffic this year so far. Big ups to IFATC for handling all the aircraft, seriously, it would have been pure chaos without you guys. Here are some of my best shots, hope you enjoy!

  • TUI 737-800
  • Expert Server, Stansted Fly-out Event
  1. Waiting in line… (featuring @Bruno_Palma in the Jet2 & @AlaskaAirFan in the Ryanair)
  2. Turning South
  3. Approaching the Austrian Alps
  4. View from the Town
  5. Tower POV
  6. Time for Leg 2, off to Malpensa
  7. Machinery in Action
Let me know your favorite shot!
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And as always, thanks for viewing!


I love to see takeoff photos from behind like photo 6!

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This was a really fun event! My iPad was lagging bad from all the aircraft lol. DEFINITELY props to the controllers.

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I wasn’t there but I can imagine it being like EIDW was back early January when my event was featured but very good pics none the less!

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Yeah I saw the traffic on the map… it was busy!
Great shots:)