A Very Very Smooth Landing

while flying on casual, I was catching up on my landings and buttered my landing at KCMA in a 737-800


Well done!

It seems to be very unusual to butter on casual ;)


Why is it unusual for butted landings

Sometimes I see people drilling through the runway on casual.


Hahaha 😂😂 that’s how a lot of crashes happen also

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Seems that you must have greased it. What is this butter nonsense? 😜


I greased my 773 in London this morning🙂

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Whenever I try to grease in the a321, I land very smoothly, then the front wheel drops like a rock…

@A350iscool try to turn off spoilers and arm them manually when all gears are on the ground, it helps

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I will try. Thanks for the recommendation!

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It helps! Thank you!

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I am glad I was able to help!

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Very nice!!

Hope the passengers where as satisfied as you!


Would you be able to tell us at what v/s you touch down?
It seems a great landing.

For me to get my landings up I just go on casual in a F-22 with my engines on transient gate at KHHR, Takeoff straight full power land at lax without announcing anything wait a few moments after I touch down the just end my flight!

I can already see the comments

R E a L i S m

i really don’t care about realism, that’s why I fly on casual most of the time

What about REALISM Im just joking around if you didn’t know