A very underrated plane to a very underrated place

Hello, I hope you’re doing well, i wanted to fly an old plane, I was wondering what plane to fly, then i remembered. The B767-300, i haven’t flown this plane in a while, so i said, Hey, Why don’t i fly this plane!, and then i came up with this flight

Los Angeles (KLAX)- Honolulu (PHNL)
Training server…

Hawaiian 951 Is being loaded at the Tom Bradley Gate 109, there will be 151 passengers boarding

The plane Was cleared to pushback and taxi to Runway 25L, he will be taking off in parallel with a quantas 787

the plane was cleared for take off with a quantas 787, that leads to a parallel take off

The plane is at cruising altitude, here is what the passengers in economy are seeing through their window

The plane while its aligning with the runway heading
the plane is on final with 23 knots of wind

The plane is being unloaded after 5 hours of flight


Awesome shots! I would love a 767 rework, would make the aircraft so much better

This looks a little too close for comfort, I think the passengers may have been slightly nervous lol

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The 767 is definitely a lot better than most make it seem and it’s a shame that it doesn’t get as much use as it should. Nice shots and fly to Hawaii more, it’s a really cool place!

eh, i took off first and the guy kept going up, had to go 260+ knots to try and not crash


Oh well, that’s training for ya I suppose

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Nooooooooo lol

Great shots! This is a great route that needs more attention with aircraft like the B767! #reworkthe767

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Beautiful pics😍😁

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