A very special round trip - Flying on a 82 year old bird

Hey guys!

As some of you might remember from the four videos of my flights from and to London City last week, I still had some one year old video unedited on my hard drive. I finally managed to get to cutting it to upload it to YouTube.

It’s footage of the probably most amazing flight I have ever been on - A one hour sightseeing flight onboard Lufthansa’s Junkers Ju52/3m.

At the time of the flight, that aircraft was the oldest airplane used for passenger flights at an age of 82 years. The plane had initially joined Lufthansa’s fleet in 1936. After flying in Norway, Ecuador and the US, the plane was bought back by Lufthansa in 1984 and was used for rather exclusive sightseeing flights of 30 to 60 minutes ever since wearing its old registration “D-AQUI” (the official registration actually was D-CDLH since then).

After the Crash of Ju-Air’s Ju52 in Switzerland shortly after my flight, a damage to one of the engine suspensions was found and Lufthansa’s Ju got AOG at Munich Airport just a month after my flight. In late 2018, Lufthansa announced that it would stop the funding of the plane ending the life of the plane in the air. In spring, the wings got removed and the plane was trucked to Hamburg. It’s planned that it will end up in a museum and that she will never fly again.

I initially planned to put much more effort into the video to add labels for important landmarks but since this turned out to be extremely time consuming and I was never really satisfied by the animations of these labels. Hence, I decided to just take the entire video and upload it as it is. I actually listed the landmarks with time stamps in the video description for those who are interested. I hope you enjoy the video nevertheless!

(Personally, I’d recommend to watch the video with headphones since I really love the impressive sound of the three engines I still remember from my flight)


Wow great! I hope you had a great flight ✌️


That must have been so cool! That’s amazing! 😃
I really wish I could have flown on it!


It definitely was! Not only an impressive sound but also an impressing feeling since the physics are just totally different from any airliner (obviously)!

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Die gute alte Tante Ju… would’ve loved to fly one that bird once, sad that the founding stopped. :(

Amazing video! Should’ve been an awesome experience.


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