A very special flight and route

This is 100% without a doubt my favorite air route no matter what ( even if involves a stop or it’s nonstop ) I love flying between Miami 🏝️ and Cali, Colombia 🇨🇴 I’m just attached to this route, I’ve done it countless times both in game and irl and today I recreated ( or tried to ) the last time I did this flight irl which was in March 2022 and due to the high demand instead of a typical 737 you’d see on this flight, we ended up getting an amazing Dreamliner which was so cool since I didn’t expect it I remember screaming in my head once I found out we’d be going on a Dreamliner, this would also be my 1st time flying between KMIA and SKCL not only on the expert server but also with both airports being 3D last time I did this flight in game SKCL was still 2D but now it’s been remodeled to have 3D building but anyways let’s get going!

Origin: Miami Intl ( KMIA )
Destination: Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Intl ( SKCL )
Flight Time: 3:09
Boeing 787-9 ( American Airlines )
Server: Expert

Doing the walk arounds near big aircraft is always a treat so seeing the Dreamliner I’d take down to Cali was a highlight 🤩

Take offs from Miami are also a special treat, no matter the destination or the size of the plane ❤️

Climbed up all the way to FL410 which is pretty high not the highest I’ve been but it’s up there in the top 5 and we followed a familiar path down to Colombia 🇨🇴

Crossing the Colombian coast in my books, will never get old 💛💙❤️

And what’s better? Entering the Valle we are so close now! 🥲

Do I have anything to say about the final turn to RWY 02 at SKCL?? 🥹

Here is our amazing Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner who flew us from Miami 🏝️ touching down here at Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Intl Airport.

Went into the terminal to stretch my legs a bit and get something to eat and decided to remake a shot I got IRL form stepping of an AA 787 here in Cali!

Here is the shot IRL! Yes I know it’s a -8 and not a -9 but we don’t have a AA 787-8 livery in the game so I had to use the -9 but oh well it doesn’t really matter, have a nice day everybody 👋


Great flight and greet pictures! keep them coming!

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I love it mate! Fantastic work!

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