A Very Short A220 Topic


Yes, it’s me, I’m back after an eternity, and guess what! I’m back with a new aircraft.
Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present to you:

The Airbus A220, Bombardier CS300, or whatever you like to call it!

Mini mods, I have satisfied your needs.

Route: Somewhere in the former Soviet Union - Somewhere in Southern Europe
Time: Less than 1000 years.
Aircraft: I have already stated the aircraft type above.
Server: The expertest of expert servers.

Nyoom and Estonia

V1, Rotate, V2, Moon

la République Française

So I guess that’s all for now, and I hoped you enjoyed reading.

Au revoir


Nice topic and AWESOME pictures, especially that last one 🔥 🏔

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Well good.

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Tittle: “A Very Short A220 Topic”
Me: “A Very Epic A220 Shot”

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Wow, beautiful shots! It’s even better with the normal Air Baltic livery because it’s simple.

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I think I see myself lol

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Thanks a lot everybody! 😊

And yes @CaptainAli_yt the last one was my personal favourite too.

Yes, I think so, if I remember correctly. Nice catch!


Nice shots, I’ve always been a fan of your editing style ;)


Excellent engine blur detail, amazing pics 👏

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