A Very Nice Spotting Session @ KEWR

Hey all! Today I’m spotting at KEWR I got some very nice shots including a few special livery’s and planes!

I hope you all enjoy as this is my first spotting session and spotting post!


IPhone (that’s all you need to know😉)

Operation info

22L 22R and 11


A319 ACJ Most Likely New for United 😉


United 777-300ER Inbound from San Francisco


United CRJ-550 Inbound from Pittsburgh


United 737-724 Star Alliance Livery inbound from Saint Maarten


Delta 737-834 Inbound from Atlanta


UPS MD-11 Inbound from Louisville


American Airlines 737-822 Reno Air Retro Livery inbound from Dallas Fort Worth


Alaska Airlines 737-990 Inbound from Seattle

(Very Happy to see this east cost rarity) (kinda)

9. JetBlue A321-231 Inbound from Tampa


A lil bonus with a El Al 787-9 Resting at the gate.

I was very fortunate I was able to get a pic of this!

Which was your Favorite?
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why did you not tag @Zachary


Ahhhhhhh!!! I love it!!!

Great photos all around! So glad to see you spotting at EWR. ❤️❤️

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@FlyIf_0011IFPA Im sowyyyy he saw anyways your not mad at all right @Zachary? 😥

And yes @Zachary thanks for liking them! Would have not seen it if we didn’t miss a few exits on that parkway 😂


Great pics… By the way that 737-700 looks pretty dirty

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It’s pretty old…

I searched the registration and it IS old
But I’ve flown on an old (20 years) ANA 767 and it was clean

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My favs are 2,3, and 8

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Nice pictures. My favorite one is the United 777.


@IF_International This 737 is 22.2 years old plus it’s in a American carrier fleet sooo…

@Populeux_Music Glad to hear that! 😁

@G1657 yes 777 is my favorite as well but I have another 777 United but it wasn’t the new livery nor was able to get it in…


I guess the Japanese are better at cleaning

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Yes I have never seen a dirty ANA plane but many American domestic planes I have found dirty that are older in the fleet

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Delta does everything better than United. I’ve seen less dirty DL planes by far…

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Nope! I was gonna click on the topic anyway since I saw KEWR. 😂


My favourite is surely the JetBlue A321

We don’t see a lot of Airbus at EWR

Since it’s mainly UAL

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I’m honestly kinda sad GRR-EWR is still suspended (along with IAH & LGA w/DL), anyways awesome photos😍

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I’d say 85% of JetBlue aircraft at EWR are Airbus, and they hold a significant market at the airport. Spirit flies all Airbus aircraft to EWR as well, so that increases the percentage.

But yes, EWR is Boeing-dominated. 💪

On an unrelated note, EWR meetup/spotting trip after COVID? 👀


Since 65% of it is UAL.

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That’s gonna change to 100 someday if they use the 220 instead of the E190

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@Zachary Hey I’m down, just hit me with a PM whenever that could possibly happen, ALSO, I feel better now about forgetting to @ you.

@Deltadev13 yea just like I wish they still flew at Trenton. And glad you like the photos!

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