A Very ITAlian October ( FLIGHT 3 )

Here is part 3 of my October 2023 Italy 🇮🇹 trip with @Udeme_Ekpo hope you enjoy!

After a pleasant stay in the Sardinia and Corsica islands just off the coast of Rome, Italy. It’s time to head back to the Italian capital to continue my journey across Italy with @Udeme_Ekpo as tomorrow early morning, we should be in Milan before leaving late evening for another early morning arrival into Venice and we leave in the afternoon for another morning arrival into our final stop of Naples before we make a short hop back to Rome on the same day. Do some final spotting at FCO before the next day catching our flight back to Miami 🏝️😎 but 1st things first, we need a way back to the mainland. And I got the perfect thing in mind, how about we fly Ryanair once again back to Rome? It wasn’t bad last time and I’m sure it won’t be bad again. Besides I’m currently on a budget since the ITA tickets from MIA → FCO where a literal FORTUNE but let’s just get to the airport. 😅

Flight Info

Origin: Cagliari-Elmas “Mario Mameli” 🇮🇹 ( LIEE
Destination: Roma-Ciampino “G. B. Pastine” 🇮🇹 ( LIRA )
Flight Time: 0:50
Boeing 737-800 ( Ryanair )
Server: Expert

Here’s a pretty iconic sight, a Ryanair 737 at a stand since they for the most part, DON’T use jet bridges to save costs. This 737 is much newer than the one that flew me here from Rome everything was running smoothly except for the fact our flight was delayed by an hour but I’m not gonna criticise Ryanair for it since it’s an issue that can impact ANY airline but lets get onboard!

Same seat as the previous flight just on the left side of the plane so I can see the town of Cagliari on take off I’ve already seen it on my final into CAG and it was a BEAUTIFUL sight! Seat is pretty similar to the old seat but it’s slightly more uncomfortable than the old one for some reason but this is a short flight so who cares?

LIFT OFF! Bye bye Cagliari and Sardinia, Rome I’m coming back!

We climbed up to FL300 despite the short flight and since it was short, there was NO service so just like the last flight, I can’t really give the crew a rating if they didn’t serve us so were gonna skip this for now. But look to your left you can the Sardinia and Corsica islands and on the right on the SAME image you can already see the mainland. That’s how close they are so we started our descent pretty much after we levelled off.

And just like our departure, our arrival path flew us directly over Fiumicino airport which @Udeme_Ekpo was spotting at yesterday and we both plane to spot on Friday there as well!

Our approach into CIA was really nice, we kinda flew over the airport before going down like a spiral to the left of Runway 15 which gave us people on the left side an EPIC view over Rome!

While us lefties got the amazing approach view, the people on the right side had the better view on final but either way, let’s sit back and fasten our seatbelts as we prepare for landing on CIA’s RWY 15!

Another decent landing done my the crew at Ryanair, Welcome back to Rome where I’d be staying until the night before catching a train to begin my journey across Italy by train. Now for my thoughts, as always you get what you pay for. Both flights weren’t expensive AT ALL and the cabin is really basic to the point to criticise an airline but since this is cheap, this is what you should expect!

Now @Udeme_Ekpo was coming to pick me up and he took this shot while waiting outside the airport, pretty cool right?

Here we are! Once again at the terminal, No need to wait for any bags since I am not paying up and I flew the true Ryanair experience but I am on my way to get to @Udeme_Ekpo car before we eat something and enjoy Rome for the last time before we leave to Milan later in the evening, I’m hoping you guys are enjoying this trip so far as always between now and the next, see you in the sky! 😉👋


Nice shots @NonStopsAviation. I’m about to head to the Colosseum tomorrow


Nice, hope you enjoy it!

Hey nonstop for, nice shots.
And I give you a tip, don’t use actual screenshots, use the camera thingy on the if app, if the photos are too heavy like that change the quality on IF’s settings.

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I only used the actual iPhone screenshot so the ground services show, the rest I did use the screenshot feature in the replay’s