A Very ITAlian October ( FLIGHT 2 )

Welcome to part 2 of my October trip to Italy! 🇮🇹 yesterday morning me and @Udeme_Ekpo arrived into Rome from Miami 🏝️😎 on ITA Airways Airbus A350-900. But I didn’t come all the way across the Atlantic just to see Rome, no this is an ENTIRE ( or most of ) Italian adventure! That’s right I will be traveling all over Italy and get to know what I can before next Saturday before me and @Udeme_Ekpo head back to the 305 🏝️😎 and today and tomorrow I’ll be in the islands of Sardinia and Corsica which are not that far off the coast of the mainland. Now @Udeme_Ekpo stayed back in Rome while I went to the islands but we plan to meet again Tuesday to hop on trains all over the country to Naples, Milan, Venice etc… Now I’m running low on funds right now, the ITA flight from MIA → FCO wasn’t cheap even in economy class I paid a bit of money so I needed to save money and there is no other way to do that in Europe than flying


I know there is other European budget carriers like EasyJet, Wizzair etc… but I’ve always wanted to fly Ryanair to see how it’s actually like people tell me it’s similar to Spirit but I gotta see for myself so I made my way to the airport to give this interesting airline a try, LETS GO FLYING!

Flight Info

Origin: Roma-Ciampino “G. B. Pastine” 🇮🇹 ( LIRA )
Destination: Cagliari-Elmas “Mario Mameli” 🇮🇹 ( LIEE )
Flight Time: 0:45
Boeing 737-800 ( Ryanair )
Server: Expert

Ryanair and almost every other budget airline here in Europe usually fly out of smaller airports for example for London 🇬🇧☕️ Ryanair uses Stansted and Luton instead of Heathrow and Gatwick. Ryanair does serve FCO but doesn’t operate this route for it but instead flies to CAG from Ciampino airport which is also out on the outside of Rome but anyways, here is the Boeing 737-800 taking me on this short hop across to Sardinia, Now I have to say.

This ground crew is definitely amazing, one of the key things about operating budget carriers is turn around times, A plane in the air makes more money than a one sitting at a gate so they try to get their planes airborne as soon as possible to minimize time on the ground and I have to admit that it works. But let’s just board shall we?

Now the seat is pretty tight, it doesn’t recline, it’s pretty hard and no IFE screen but than again, it is a budget airline so this is pretty much what I expected, I purposely picked a seat towards the back of the plane to get the “True Ryanair experience” along with flying only with a backpack since bag fees on these budget carriers are no joke, but let’s just pushback for our flight to Sardinia.

It was pretty windy here in Rome so the take off wasn’t the smoothest but.

Insert line here 🤣

Boy did I pick the right seat for this flight, our take off gave us lucky people on the right side an amazing view over Rome definitely looking forwards to exploring more when I come back Tuesday!

We even flew directly over Fiumicino airport, the main airport serving the Italian Capital 🇮🇹 definitely one of my favorite climb outs ever!

We only climbed to FL280 and the flight was way too short for any service and but they do have an extensive menu of items for sale but since this is a budget carrier, you better pay up. In addition, Wi-Fi was NOT available so make sure to download things before leaving the ground!

Soon enough we were on our final approach into Sardinia’s Elmas airport and that beach down there is looking really nice sadly I don’t have much time for beaches but maybe I’ll stroll through one before I go back to the mainland!

Now, does Ryanair actually slam their planes on the ground when landing or not? Well this landing was actually one of the better ones I’ve had in crosswind conditions. I mean Ryanair does fly to Madeira which has big problems with wind so they better train pilots for the wind 🤣 but anyways for my thoughts, Ryanair was actually a great airline especially for the price, it’s really affordable. Last night me and @Udeme_Ekpo were at this restaurant and the prices were OUTRAGEOUS luckily the food was good but round trip between Rome and Sardinia was much cheaper than the food from last night, but don’t let that cheap price fool you, all the airline promises is being able to get from point A to B in one peace if you want more, be prepared to pay up since the only other airline serving this route is ITA and they are pretty expensive but anyways, Welcome to the island of Sardinia where I’ll stay tonight before catching a ferry over to Corsica before coming back to Sardinia to fly back to the mainland!

I’m guessing my good review of Ryanair rewarded me with a cockpit tour which I would NEVER refuse to!

Another thing about Ryanair is that they almost NEVER use jet bridges, to save money they use air stairs which I just prefer anyways especially with amazing weather like this but now I’m off to that beach I mentioned while on final approach and maybe explore Sardinia as much as I can before tomorrow stay tuned for the return to Rome and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋