A Very ITAlian October ( FLIGHT 1 )

Before we begin, hope everybody is enjoying 23.3 I am especially with the new American Airlines Boeing 787-8 it opens up more routes even the one I’m doing for my next trip series and one I have planned for March 2024 but enough talking let’s get to the story.

Well guys it’s finally here, the trip I’ve been teasing since July but the wait is no more today with @Udeme_Ekpo we fly out of Miami 🏝️😎 all the way to Rome, Italy 🇮🇹 with Italy’s new flag carrier ITA Airways on their Airbus A350-900 this trip is the first for many things

  1. 1st time on ITA Airways

  2. 1st time on an Airbus A350

  3. 1st time flying every European’s “favorite” airline

Yeah if you couldn’t tell I’m really excited about this trip it’ll be a tour all over Italy 🇮🇹 begin in Rome, go to the Sardinia and Corsica islands off the coast via every Europeans favourite airline, I’ll come back to Rome and will be traveling to Milan, Venice and Naples all by train which will be really fun I’ve heard a lot of great things about train travel in Europe. But let’s just drive south pick up @Udeme_Ekpo and finally make our way to Miami International Airport to get this trip started!

Flight Info

Origin: Miami Intl 🇺🇸 ( KMIA )
Destination: Roma-Fiumicino “Leonardo Da Vinci” 🇮🇹 ( LIRF )
Flight Time: 9:09
Airbus A350-900 ( ITA Airways )
Server: Expert

As much as I love American Airlines North Terminal concourse D here at MIA, the architecture of the South Terminal where most international carriers operate out of is much better especially concourse J. I guess they want to give a good impressions of tourists from other countries that visit Miami 🏝️😎 and it isn’t a good impression if the airport looks ugly but what isn’t ugly is this plane and livery, my goodness does this blue paint job stand out on the Airbus A350, I’ve flown this in game before from Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 to Rome, definitely a flight to remember, @Udeme_Ekpo flight is boarding next to mine in gate H8 while I’m at gate H4 but enough chit chat let’s board this bird!

We are seated in the economy class for this flight across the pond seats really nice, decently comfortable the IFE screen is very modern and overall it’s just a great seat! I haven’t flown Alitalia, Italy’s former flag carrier before ITA took them over but my dad has also from MIA but on a Boeing 777-200ER I think he’d be excited if I told him I’ve flown ITA Airways since he’s been wanting to return to Italy 🇮🇹 for a while but before we take off, I have to say ITA’s safety video has to be on of my favorites it just has that Italian feel to it. But I still think Qantas safety videos from 2016-2018 wee just better they showed us a lot about Australia 🇦🇺 it was really nice but for real now, let’s get airborne!

Reverse ops this evening at MIA so instead we’d take off heading west and turn around east towards the Atlantic Ocean and since we were on the south side of the airport, we’d be using Runway 27 so our taxi time wasn’t long at all but as always,

Goodbye Miami! 👋 I’ll be back next Sunday

Last look over the 305 🏝️😎 as much as I love to travel, sometimes I don’t just to enjoy the area I call home but for now it’s really time to sit back, relax and enjoy this flight!

Climbed up to our cruising altitude of FL370, @Udeme_Ekpo was still behind me so far im winning but there is this saying “slow and steady wins the race” but anyways the crew activated this amazing mood lighting and began their service, the main course was really good it was pasta 🍝 for the most part but also probably the best tasting bread I’ve ever had in the skies! The only one that can compare is the bread they had on the MSC Seascape from my cruise almost a year ago. Crew were also very friendly and even have a me an extra Coke for that this crew earns 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ once the service wrapped up the lights came off so it was time for bedtime right? Well I really wanted to test the IFE so I put on a movie but may have fell asleep halfway during the movie so see you in the morning I guess.

I actually slept pretty good and was only woken up by the pre landing snack service whilst flying over southern France 🇫🇷 it was just a small chocolate brownie with a beverage I went along with a cup of Coffee we were almost there but somebody was closer.

@Udeme_Ekpo had actually passed me overnight and was now to arrive in Rome about 20 minutes before I was supposed to even thought I took off before him.

By this point 1 hour and 30 minutes remained so I watched some TV on my IFE screen and took a last walk around the cabin before the seatbelt sign would come on to signal we will be beginning our descent into FCO!

Soon enough, we flew over the Italian islands I mentioned I’d be visiting on this trip then we we crossed into Italy’s 🇮🇹 mainland, the seatbelt sign came on and we made our turn south towards Rome it was really nice to see the Italian landscape after dreaming about visiting it for so long I felt like crying. 🥲

Soon enough it was time for,

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome to Rome’s Fiumicino or Leonardo Da Vinci airport with a pretty soft landing to. Overall, I enjoyed this first flight of mine on ITA Airways for the very Italian livery, safely video, meals, great crew, fantastic IFE. If the price is right, I would 100% fly ITA Airways again they put a great amount of effort into their product and you know what I only noticed while waiting to get off the plane, small Italian flags on the seats I feel like ITA is the most proud of their culture out of any flag carrier I’ve been on. The only complaint I have about ITA is the price, these tickets weren’t cheap AT ALL the reason I fly AA most of the time is because of the amount of miles I have. I have so much to the point that any flight on AA is free for me but since this isn’t AA or even a partner airline, I had to pay up a lot of my funds but except for that. 10/10 love ITA Airways 🇮🇹💙 and once again, welcome to Rome!

Parked here at FCO’s terminal 3 besides @Udeme_Ekpo we went through Italian 🇮🇹 customs and passport control together 🛂 we collected our bags and went out to explore Rome for the first time. Rome’s airport was really nice I just wonder why US airports can’t invent on their architecture like seriously, this is a really nice airport even El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia 🇨🇴 doesn’t look like every other building in the country I guess once again they want to make good first impressions to tourists. But stay tuned for tomorrow as I fly every Europeans favorite airline.


Out to the islands out west I flew over on our approach into FCO but as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉


A random magician I hired for my sister’s birthday party years ago magically showed up, made it day and shot this picture of me taxiing to RWY 27 with @Udeme_Ekpo starting up his engines.


Nice shots @NonStopsAviation regarding this trip we done. I’ll post mines once I’m done eating my lunch


Thank you glad you liked it 🙏🏻

Well isnt this a funny coincidence - around 12 hours ago i saw @Udeme_Ekpo landing in FCO a few minutes behind me. I was also in an ITA A350, inbound from Toronto, and Udeme parked right next to me after which i despawned. Seems he wasnt alone for long as you parked in the exact spot i was parked on! Funny how the three of us almost overlapped, all in the same plane!


Cahtay, ITA. The best a350 livery! :)

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what are the chances lol

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Agreed! it’s stunning

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@Ivan0921 yeah right

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