A very interesting find...

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this bu @GlobalFlyer1, he basically made a full outline of what appears to be an 737. Pretty cool i’d say and props mate!

Happy Flights :)


That’s actually BOE4 which was done by the Boeing test team in a 787 in real life to trace a 787 over the US 😉 still very cool nonetheless!


BOE4 Flightplan

KBFI SEA NORMY J70 MLP GTF 4632N/08706W 4626N/08908W 4301N/09715W 4352N/09907W 4358N/09958W 4306N/10033W 4245N/09958W 4229N/09834W 4122N/10101W 4254N/10552W 4312N/10730W 4314N/10848W 4302N/10919W 4235N/10907W 4157N/10820W 4112N/10654W 3932N/10210W 3717N/10133W 3757N/10243W 3803N/10323W 3702N/10401W 3633N/10320W 3604N/10117W 2827N/09937W 2652N/09820W 2814N/09844W 3438N/09829W 3538N/09819W 3745N/09715W 3610N/09249W 3533N/08953W 3148N/08837W 3126N/08754W 3503N/08731W 3457N/08616W 3539N/08713W 3809N/08411W 3820N/08458W 3642N/08915W 3804N/09148W 3935N/09604W 4143N/09442W 4230N/09354W 4601N/08829W 4631N/08706W KBFI

Copy and paste it right into IF and fly it yourself! Beware of the sharp turns


How long is it?

What i wanna know is how he got the flight plan in the first place

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15 Hours roughly

It’s public knowledge and there have been multiple tutorials on this on the IFC

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Just letting anyone know if they did want to, the flight time for me was actually 18 hours 32 minutes in air with the 788. I flew BFI-SFO which is a slightly different path than what the real flight took and flew there to get ATC :)


I saw someone draw a very rude drawing

I tried drawing Hey! in my TBM900, at least i tried


Amazing!! Looks Like A B787.

That looks amazing! 😜 ill fly this route soon.

The flight plan of BOE4 is publicly available on FlightAware. If you want to learn more about creating flight plans with GPS coordinates in them, feel free to check out a tutorial I wrote a while ago.

Haha I’ve actually done this before! Super cool to encounter this no matter who it is.

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