A Very Enjoyable Flight!

So last night I flew from CYYZ Toronto to HAAB Addis Ababa with the Ethiopian A350. I flew this on Expert Server! I would love to hear your feedback on how my photos are!

V1 rotate! We are out of Toronto! Ready to be in the air for 12 hours!

Here is another cool angle of me taking off!

And as we were on final there was a line for take off’s!

Here is there view of me landing!

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Internally screams


When I saw that I was like… BRUH

Great that you enjoyed the flight. I haven’t flown the A350 very often crashing, but it’s pretty nice. The last two are cool with all the traffic, well the Delta is… questionable.

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Thank you!

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Wow beautiful, I think you come from Toronto with your avatar 😂

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Awesome pics. Keep em coming!

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Pic 4 should be “view of me going around” ;)

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Thank you!!

He wasn’t entering the runway

Toronto 😍 Beautiful Pictures!

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I think this is a call to implement more procedures to avoid these conflicts .i.e. ATC monitoring hold short lines attentively and distribute minor strikes to those who fail to follow simple rules.

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But, good photos by the way😉

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He crossed the hold short line which means he entered the runway already!

Nice photos though, liked the 2nd one in particular. 👍

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