A Very British Flight

Ok so, I was doing a BA 772 Flight from RCTP-EGCC yeah I know that dosent exist stop crying Anyway I wanted to make Very British Flight, So hope you enjoy.

"Oi, you’ve got the floight plann in de FMS ye? Course your dou, oight let’s toixi out, aolroight?"

"Oight, Oh looke here a Chinese Sevan-tri-sevan, Anyway…toim too takeoff, YE."

"Rotate, oiiiiiii crooeswwindss"

Flight Attended - "Oi, bruv, ur want eneything too drreink eh?"

"Oi bruv, enjoine"

"Oi mates we gonna land ye, so I sugeeest to buockle up ye?"


"Oi letssa texoi tou thde paorkin arro, ye?"

"Get offe moin plane ye, Common carry along YE?"

Thank you, Hope you had a quick laugh, and enjoyed the jokes, Please dont take this too heart I just wanted a quick laugh, So hope you enjoyed, Cya later

Also while approaching Manchester I saw a CRJX Landing and he over ran, I though it was funny so grabbed a picture.

Ight, thank you and see yall later. Peace stay soft.


Nice shots!

Being from Britain myself, I couldn’t gather what accent that was meant to be?

Sounded a bit like cockney gone wrong…


I dont know I lived most my live in NY So I hear what I hear

Well I’ve certainly never seen a topic like this, I’ll give you that.


Thank you very much, I expect me 747 to be given to me with your precise arms

Fair enough 🤣

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Yep, I think so too

Oil bruv great pics ye

Srsly though great pics and amazing story m8

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Oii theank your bruv

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This was hilarious.

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Theank you mate

both funny and weird, loved it

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For some reason I heard it as an Australian accent


More of a Birmingham


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Oi, Ur got a attatzud ye?

Think you went a little too hard on the British accent throttle

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That’s some crazy British humour there🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Oi uve got a problem bruv

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Ye bruv oiv go a uuuuuuggee problm

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