A Very Belated New Year’s Spotting | @KDEN 1/3/21-1/4/21

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I know this is like a month late but whatever…
So on Jan. 3rd I had the opportunity to stay at the Westin at DEN which was a pretty cool experience. So i had some time to spot but clouds were an issue but the clouds moved just in time for golden hour. Then the next morning I went out to 120th and did spotting for like 45 minutes. Anyways enjoy these shots.

A golden UPS A306F taxiing out to 34L heading down east to Louisville

A silhouette of a southwest 737-800 on short final at DEN

A United A319 pulling off of 35L at DEN after just arriving form the East Coast

Alaska 737-800 with the Toy Story 4 sticker on short final for 16L arriving from Seattle. Fun Fact this the first time I’ve caught Alaska Airlines.

One of Delta’s 767-300ER on short final at DEN arriving from JFK. Fun Fact this was also the first time I actually got a good picture of a 767-300, sad to see that they’ll be gone sooner than later.

A JetBlue A321Neo on short final for 16L arriving from Boston. This route is usually operated by an A321 but we get occasional A321NX subs which is dope.

This American 737-800 from PHL was on approach for 17R at DEN then they switched to 16L because of an emergency landing for a Key Lime Air metroliner that had an engine failure.

This was the view form the hotel room. I did a 30 second exposure from my room overlooking the airport at night. The tourism page for Denver on Instagram actually reposted this picture which was pretty neat. If you want to check out the repost look at @visitdenver on Instagram.

Camera Body: Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm and Canon 18-55mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop

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Cap. That’s actually front lit.
Get it right kamryn

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I tried to brighten it to see the actual aircraft

That’s cute

That’s a nightmare lol

Amazing stuff Tyler

looks more like an A319

cool pics!

Omg how did I miss that…
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lol you’re welcome

gud plne pictures, still have yet to gone to the westin yet and spend the night there, maybe sometime soon


why are we having posts in feb about new years serious lol. good pictures though. if a bit late

The ✨motivation✨ Just wasn’t there in January to make the topic

those are ty-rific!

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You should. It’s a great hotel. That was my first time staying there. Would definitely recommend

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Me looking through the pictures like:

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Very well done mate

Wow! Nice photos Tyler!

Tyler with the absolute 🔥🥵

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