A VA moderator

So I was just thinking that on the community we should add a VA moderator. If you ever plan on opening a VA , the VA moderator will be questioning you to see what you will do for your Virtaul Airline and about every week check up on you and your VA. Now of course it’s not a one person job and we might need people. I am only suggesting this so we don’t have a random 5 year old creating a VA or a inexperienced owner who gets bored in about a week. If you ever plan an opening a Va you have to talk to one of the VA moderators first. Now I know some may disagree but don’t get mad at me its just a suggestion. :)


This seems a little too moderated, but we are working on something like this.


In the next discourse update we will be able to have category specific moderators. Since none of us enjoy moderating VA stuff (not sorry), we have a few people who we may consider adding as a VA mod. That is what Carson is being all cryptic about 🙂


Something I was thinking about is a trial session. For example, if someone creates a VA, the moderator would assess the activity of said VA for a certain period of time before it gets added to the VA Database. I think this would be helpful to maintain a nice clean database. Any thoughts?


Maybe people would have to have bi-monthly reports written about them like this one: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11WnnWnWXqNJuOKddtJCP6Bg_ifk0T39Z9CVnpw5j9e0

(Not an advertisement, this is just something a reporter wrote about us).

Yeah I do agree with that . I also thought we could go undercover and applied for a job with that Va. If the VA doesn’t reply in about a month then we would have a list of Va that are in the danger zone. Which means we look into there Va question staff members. If they say it’s inactive or some sort then we will close it down.

I would recommend @hubandspoke1 and @g100m they are always active and are willing to do what they have to do keep order. @Carson

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I have no idea about the other one but the top one I -support.

I’d be happy to ‘mod’ occasionally but to be honest it’s way to controlled, the forums aren’t in a NK status just yet

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We won’t even be considering this for several months, so recommendations or offers of ‘help’ don’t really mean much at the moment 😉


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