A Underrated airline: China Southern Airlines

Infinite flight is full of liveries. Many which we don’t pay attention to enough. For today’s flights, I decided to give attention to one that seems to be less flown by the average user. China Southern Airlines! Photos were taken on the expert server with edits made to adobe Lightroom! Photo captions below!

Once a staple to the narrow-bodied fleet for domestic and international flights out of Guǎngzhōu, all of the CSN B752s now fly for different airlines. Performing a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Guǎngzhōu, A Boeing 757 rotates on out as @Danny_HL in a Singapore A350 arrives!

after arriving @ Guǎngzhōu, It was off to Paris on one of the Airlines international European destinations!  Flying the A330-300, This lovely 12 hour flight proved to be very photogenic with plenty of screenshots captured! Rotating out.

Glamorous shot leaving Guǎngzhōu 

`Something about that Blue/gold cheatline to this airline that makes it good!

China Southern's logo is the Red Kapok flower from Kapok Cotton trees. Lovely logo for such an airline!

A Delta 777-200LR flies underneath over Germany heading to Dusseldorf!

Arriving at Charles De Galle at 12:30PM


Beautiful! If only we had the china southern a380 😞


We need it!

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Yes we do, very much

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that is such a fact 😳😩


Oooh the memories!!!
I’m half Chinese and I was born in Guangzhou. So naturally, I flew this airline a lot. The cabin crew was always so nice to me and I was even allowed into the cockpit of one of their a330’s once! I adore the China Southern livery (especially on their 787s omg that looks so nice!)


Thank you for featuring my home airline ❤️ Those shots are fantastic!

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