A typical week-end!

I flew particularly poorly all week-end long, but still made some shots out of it that some might like… here we go:

1/ nice approach towards OBBI (tbm 930)

2/ banzaï final in VQPR… (A319)

3/ feeling odd… but upbeat! (C130)


These are good snapshots! There is one thing I found about these pictures. There is a TBM on final for a 4000 ft. runway

Thanks! Not sure to understand what you mean though, about the 4000ft?

Nice shots ! I was the 330 2 behind you !

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Thanks. It was a loooooong wait to takeoff!

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He means the runway length I believe

Well, the longer the safer I guess, even if OBBI is more like 13000 ft long…
Any way I enjoy this approach and airport!

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I liked your photos

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