A Typical 2019 Day at KLAX

So I was scrolling through an old memory card and found these pictures I took at KLAX’s In-n-Out viewpoint, back in 2019, when aviation was all hunky-dory. Scroll through to the end, for a nice surprise!

Location: Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)
Camera: Canon EOS 60D / Canon 100-400mm IS f4.5-f5.6 zoom lens
Editing Software: Didn’t use any, these are all unedited, except for the watermark.

So here we go:

  1. Up close and personal with a Korean Air A380.

  1. Dreaming the Dreamliner with an American 787

  1. Probably the most misleading airline name ever because it flies everywhere. An Alaska 737

  1. Think the pilots got a ‘Too Low Terrain’ here? A nice Southwest 737 brushes the treetops

  1. Long boi landing, with a United 757.

  1. This one’s for DeerCrusher, a Delta Connection E-Jet. With treetops.

  1. Coming down from the lands down under. Air New Zealand 777. Kia ora.

  1. Even more up close and personal with another whale, with the Lufthansa A380 “Johannesburg”

  1. Raccoon in sight, with an Asiana A350.

  1. Idk this livery, it seemed like a charter or a regional airline. Must not be too important. That’s why I posted it last.

Hope you enjoyed these shots!


yea i agree look at that livery so ugly.

puts on glasses uhhi think its the boing pencil

ikr i always thought who could Alaska have soo much demand?


Lovely Pics

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Thank you!

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Amazing pictures!

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Thanks so much! :)


wow, the airport looks so clean. Now it’s all cluttered with construction equipment.

Oops. Good to know.
This was one of the rare times I went to KLAX. I used to always prefer flying out of KBUR, cuz I lived in Hollywood.

But nothing beats the spotting views at KLAX.


Beautiful pics! Let’s….umm… interesting titles I should say 😂😂. Made me laugh


I’m glad you enjoyed them :) thank you!

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