A Turkish Airlines Flight Flew 800 Miles Out of It's Way and Landed on Time

Passengers Flying Turkish Airlines Flight 800 from Panama City to Istanbul ended up going 800 miles out of their course and still landed on time. Compared to the “great circle distance” between the two airports (meaning the shortest path) of 6,739 miles, Flight 800 traveled 7,553 miles. Says Wired.com. These are some of the things that amaze me, the flight landed only 11 minutes after it’s scheduled landing time.

“When the Airbus A330 was getting ready to unglue from the tarmac in Panama, the jet stream over the Labrador Sea was blowing something fierce. As the plane tracked north along the Eastern Seaboard, it was flying around 540 mph, its standard cruising speed. When it caught the wind, however, its speed surged, peaking at 700 mph—without burning any more jet fuel than usual.”

Along with being a usual occurrence, this flight was anything but usual.

Article on Flight.


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They probably flew a weird path due to weather conditions.