A Troll at London Heathrow Airport

On my arrival as I touched down RWY 9R at EGLL, coming from HECA, I experienced a B77L landing on RWY 27L after I applied the reverse thrust to slow to 60 KTS before exiting the runway. I announced RWY 9R for landing and that troll chose to land on the other side of the runway after I said that I am using RWY 9R right traffic. The wind direction at EGLL is 80 @ 4KT and if he were gonna land as I was on the runway, he could’ve gone around and landed the second time where there is literally no plane on the runway. Suddenly, he collided into my aircraft in the middle of the runway which was unacceptable. This is expert server. Expert Server! Not Casual Server! Never Land on the Other Side of the Runway whenever the wind direction is Between 0 and 179 Degrees! This is again, Unacceptable and Unprofessional! Especially on Expert Server! So the next time you are about to land on the other end of the runway, how about you check the weather and you will know which runway you are supposed to land on as IRL. Again, landing on the opposite side of the runway will cause a head-on collision and that is not how an air traffic is operated IRL. No planes would land on the opposite end and collide into other people’s aircraft like that. I want to mention this to the IFC to see what they have to say about this because again, UNACCEPTABLE! Thank You!



Was this on the Training server? If so there is nothing that can be done because people are there to learn.

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👆🏻👆🏻 @Ocean1c it’s hard to believe it was expert server… This could have been done by a person who just got promoted to Grade three…

Oh, my bad didn’t see that. Lets see what mods have to say about this then.

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No worries:) Yes, let’s wait for them.

Bumping this for the mods to see

Hey! The best thing you could really do is to create a PM with @moderators. From there they’d be able to appropriately handle the situation, as well as take action if required.

It’s a shame that the expert server is now filled with people who act like this. It has happened all too frequently now and I feel that a shake up is needed. That said, it’s London Heathrow after all. It’s bound to attract traffic, and with it, subpar behaviour from people.


The server being filled with people misbehaving is a bit of a stretch this is going to happen from time to time you can’t eliminate trolling.


As of late, it seems there has been an influx of users who either are trolling or just don’t know what they’re doing.

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This was on Expert Server when this occurred

they probably do this in the expert sever in a airport that barely have any planes on ground but idk

Yeah man, I wish these people can go back to Training or Casual and do whatever they want to do if they are gonna be trolling on Expert Server like this. This is literally no good use of another aircraft flying into my plane like that, ESPECIALLY, if ATC were to be active at EGLL. If it would’ve been the case, then that troll could’ve risked a Level 3 Violation and been kicked out for a week

So in this case, I will contact moderators about this. This topic can be closed now

some grade 3 people be in the training server probably not ready for expert server or somethin

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That’s true that because there are pilots that don’t think right and don’t check the airport weather upon arrival. The weather at airport is there for a reason on Expert Server! This is realism. This is where realistic rules apply in this server. If you choose to be a fool, get out of expert server and go back to training and practice some realistic skills and then when you’re ready, then you can go on expert. I fly realistically and professionally and never cause a single collision in Infinite Flight

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Handled via pm