A trip to the hangars

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Henderson Executive Airport, where a few cadets and myself went to take a look at aircrafts in repair inside the hangar. As well as got to spot a few aircrafts while eating lunch! The person who took us was our CFI. We went to tour the aircrafts and see many GA Aircrafts featuring Beechcrafts, Expiremental Aircraft, and some Citations. The most interesting part of the tour was getting to look at the recipricating engines. Very interesting looking at the aircrafts from the inside out. If you have any questions regarding our trip or about the aircrafts themselves, feel free to ask. I have serious respect for all these flight mechanics and flight engineers who work hard everyday

Here are those photos:

N18JS - Fixed Wing , Single Engine Turbo prop (this aircraft was doing pattern work as we were eating)

Our view from the flight line otherwise known as the “tarmac”

Fixed Wing Multi Engine (Bombardier)

Fixed Wing, Single turbo prop (used by Skycombat)

Fixed Wing, Multi Engine

Fixed Wing, Multi Engine (Turbo Prop)

Aircraft Information: Fixed Wing Single Engine (Reciprocating)

(Information Unavailable (Requested by owner)

Fixed Wing, Single Engine

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I really do love the private bombardier Jets. They just look so sleek and clean!


I agree, I’ve got some close up shots at the aircraft before it went into the hangar. It’s really just bigger and stunning up close

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Must be cool to visit the hangars. I would want to go there, and just see the planes up close.

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Truly is. Behind the scenes especially is neat to see how they take apart everything and put it back. Something that isn’t in the pictures that I got to see up close is the replacement of the avionics system. They took apart the entire cockpit and removed the “six pack” just to install it. Very cool stuff up close

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