A Trip to Paradise

“Das Ilhas as Mais Belas e Livres”
Of all islands, the most beautiful and free

A group flight with @Yacht turned into a journey to remember. A simple 90 minute flight can be so beautiful if you look in the right place.

Expert Server
TAP A320

Holding short for the first of many arrivals, a RyanAir 738 piloted by none other than @SB110

A fellow TAP A320 arrives

Battling the crosswind with Yacht lining up for departure behind me.

Climbing to FL360

After a short trip over nothing but water, it was time to descend. Due to an aircraft on the runway, I was told by ATC to execute a go around. Although a fuel burner, I got a nice view!

After receiving a spot in line, and flying the approach yet a again, it was time to land!

Here I am completing my right turn onto final for runway 05.

I hope you enjoyed!

Have a great day/night wherever you may be 😃


Me: Nice pics!

Realism Police: You should have been using the A20N not A320


Love the 5th photo of you flying over all the other planes.

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Love all of them! You got some really cool angles that I’ve never seen before

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Although the Neo is used for this route, TAP uses the:
For this route.


I always try to fly realistic flights!


Huh, I could not find an A320 operating this route, only an A320neo.

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That’s odd! FR24 could have made a mistake along the way.

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These are awesome very cool 👍🏽😉nice pics buddy

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This post inspired me to do a flight in a Ryanair!

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Sadly I was there until it turned dusk but when I flew and I was at cruise I saw @DeerCrusher

I saw myself too 👀

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Lol did you see me I was in a Easy A319 going to Lisbon

Yeah, I saw you passing off my left. I think I was descending into LPMA

Yes sir. We should do a flight together sometime

Mate, you never disappoint.

I absolutely love the last picture. Keep it up!!

Thank you so much for the picture of me, @Will_A! I really appreciate it. Wow, I actually never look at my landings in replays really, and that angle for landing really looks like it would have been a smooth buttery landing!

Wait a minute…

We’re talking a Ryanair landing! 🤔😂🤣

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