A trip to Frankfurt and back.

On Monday the 27th @GraceHopper and I went to ORD to get on a 747. We had only decided to go on this trip a few days prior, as we wanted to take advantage of the holiday weekend.

There she was a Lufthansa 747-800i, registration D-ABYA the same one as in Infinite Flight.

We flew via ZED (Zonal Employee Discount) which is how us non revs get a large discount on flights.This meant that we didn’t get a choice in seats.

After a few hours in FRA it was time to head back to the US, this time we would fly Delta to ATL.

Sadly this was the best view I could get of our plane, a 767-300ER😂
As a non rev seats are always a gamble, but this time we got lucky with Delta One.

The wonderful thing about Delta One is getting ice cream at 38,000FT.

After a nine hour and forty minute flight it was time to head to a lounge where this story ends.


I’m so glad I was able to fly on the queen while she is still around.


Wow, just wow! This is amazing!!

And that Ice cream, I’ve been craving that particular sundae for two years now


Its sad that many airlines are retiring the 747. Its a great plane. I flew on one once, and it was amazing.


If you’ve had the D1 sundae before, you may be familiar with the cute heart spoon it is usually served with. Sadly, we we didn’t get those on this trip, we had to eat our ice cream with normal shaped spoons. Completely heartbreaking.

If you get the chance though, add crushed biscoff as a topping. It is the best.


Nice. That will be me soon shortly


Y’all are just the cutest. Glad you had a great trip!


No worries, the B747-8i of Lufthansa will be around for a couple of more years. :)


Oh Lord, Oh Jesus… There is Strawberry Sundae!!! 🍨

Now that is one flight to fly. Also having been served Sundae on the 747, is a bonus.

Either way, hope you had a great journey and and that all went well on the flight. Looks fun that you were playing IF on the plane. I reckon you were copying your IRL flight? :)


The sundae was on the 767 on our return flight.

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Eh, still getting to fly on the 747 and having a Sundae is golden. Hope you both a nice trip :)

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B787-8i? Sounds like a plane I haven’t heard of.

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what plane did you go back on(delta)?

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If you look at the picture with them holding the boarding pass, you’ll see it says that the flight is operated by Delta Airlines. Additionally, Lufthansa doesn’t fly 767 so, Delta sounds more reasonable here.

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767-300ER, its in the left corner of the picture of the American Airlines 787.

And yes Delta, Hop works for Delta.

Nice trip 👍

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You get an ice cream sundae!!!

I’m just infuriated

But on a side note nice pictures


Wow! Boeing 747-8i !

I gotta fly on one, and you were lucky it was

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Whoops that’s a spelling mistake :/


Haha! Well, we all maek those everyonce in a while LOL!