A trip to barcelona which turned out to be a SUPRISE

Hello All!

On the 26th June (YESTERDAY) i travelled from LHR to BCN i was super excited and thought it would be an easy service!

We got onboard a A320 BA (19-20 years old) Everything was well and the takeoff was good, once we were in the sky we were smooth sailing until the pilot told us there was a technical difficulty with the plane which meant we had to return, upon hearing this announcement the plane felt very rocky , We we’re past paris at the point they decided to return back to Heathrow (49 mins into our flight) Once we established on the ILS and AP was turned of the plane was very rocky and kept sooving to the left and right (not turbelance…) We landed safely! Back at Heathrow

After 2 hours we boarded a new Plane ( it was also an a320 (6 YEARS) This plane was much more modern, we took of, and smooth sailed to Barcelona! The journey was very smooth compared to the old plane… (However the landing was hard 😂 ) just thought i’d share this story!


now im actually very curious what the reason/problem was


Had a quick look at TheBASource, looks like your first aircraft (G-EUUI) was in maintenace since 20th of June because of a technical issue. Perhaps it wasn’t fixed properly before the aircraft returned to service for your Barcelona flight. No information regarding the nature of the technical issue.


Thank you for the information!

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Could you link me that source please @Maxim



or for more general info about BA’s operations, simply http://thebasource.com/.

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I honestly wouldn’t fly in the current climate, but interesting!

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Good to see you got back safely 😃. But why were you travelling as flights aren’t resuming until July?

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BA still operates some domestic routes

it was a nice day.

No but even still COVID…

masks were worn and

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