A trip to Argentina

This past December/January, I took a trip to Argentina. This was my second time visiting and it was even better than last time. Luckily, I was able to go before this pandemic and before they closed their borders, and I hope I can go again when they reopen. While there, I saw glaciers, deserts, mountains, penguins, cities, and most importantly to this forum, a ton of different aircraft. Enjoy:

(I don’t know why many of these are inverted, because they’re not that way in my phone. I don’t know how to fix it.)

A selection of wide bodies at Ezeiza (Air France 777-200, British 777-200, Alitalia 777-300, Lufthansa 747-8i)

Aerolíneas Argentinas Skyteam 737-700 and an old livery LAN plane at Aeroparque

Tails at Aeroparque

Grounded 737MAX8s at Aeroparque

Aerolíneas Argentinas 737-800 in El Calafate

Aerolíneas Argentinas 737-800 landing in Ushuaia

LATAM A320 in Ushuaia’s “ski lodge” terminal

My plane (Austral E190) taxiing to our gate and Air Europa 787 taking off for Madrid via Asunción from Córdoba

Aerolíneas Argentinas A330-200 departing for Punta Cana from Ezeiza

Very rare: The very last Aerolíneas Argentinas A340-300 landing from Madrid (it was retired very shortly after I saw it)

I hope these were interesting (sorry about the inverted ones)


Great shots!

Was that first pic in Australia?


Keep it up!


Inverted ones gave me a separate challenge outside of quarantine life! :D

Looks like a very fun trip! Hope it was great!


Looks like a great place!

Just make sure you stay under the 10 photo limit, since I counted 11.

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Argentina is also “down under” lol

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Is Aerolineas Argentinas a partner of DL is it just part of Skyteam? Also, what status do you have with Delta and how long did it take to get it?

This deserves more likes haha


Well, Delta and Aerolíneas codeshare on some flights, such as ATL-EZE, EZE-MIA, and EZE-JFK. Mainly they’re just SkyTeam partners, but it is very handy to have them working together. Originally we had booked through Delta flying first to New York, and then on Aerolíneas to Buenos Aires, but the JFK flight got cancelled so we ended up going through Atlanta.

Codeshare example:

I have Silver Medallion, my mother has Gold medallion, and my father has Diamond Medallion 360


Loved the photos, got to practise bending my neck while looking at the photos lol

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Yeah lol I wish I knew how to fix them

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Yeah, sometimes the world falls upside down

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Nice pics, don’t often see Argentina in rwa spotting. Jealous that u got to visit Ushuaia. Bucket list destination for me

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Thought this was Argentina, not Australia.

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Dangit @Robertine beat me to it


True. And yes, it was amazing, I’d highly recommend.

Wow, that wing view paired with the mountains looks amazing.

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Not only the first pic, but a few others are in Australia and mid Africa

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Ikr, that was probably my favourite view of the whole trip.

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