A trip on a DHC Twin Otter

Hey all!
This summer I had the amazing opportunity to head down to TNCM to enjoy the sights, beaches, but most of all the aviation!

When I was there I looked a bit more in flights to St Barths, and managed to get an amazing deal with a phone representative for Winair.

I was booked for the short hop over to TFFJ the next morning. Here are some photos from the amazing adventure.

Walking out to our aircraft: PJ-WIP.

Turns out, we were the only ones on our aircraft!

We got to choose our seats, and got great views of the flight deck and of the beautiful Caribbean oceans.

The flight deck of this bird, absolutely stunning.

Climbing out over the beaches next to the airport.
The windows did distort colors a little bit.

Cruising on our short flight

Now, time for the amazing St Barth’s Approach!

Here we go!

Finally landed and walking to the terminal

Thanks for viewing!

Have a great day/evening


Woah, you flew to St. Barts?!



Yeah, it was pretty great. I have a few photos from the adventure which I will share a bit later. The trip was just for a day. We sat by the airport for a bit, then rented an ATV and rode around the island for 3 hours.

Driving was no easy feat. The roads really aren’t wide enough for two vehicles, so it was always fun having to be aware of cars coming around the corner.

Let me tell you though, the views were beautiful!

The cargo you see under the aircraft actually isn’t ours. So who knew they transport cargo as well!


We use to own one that Hillcorp oil uses, only flew on it once loved it!


It truly is an amazing aircraft. We were off the ground in no time, the it climbs like a beast. Landing too, we hardly needed to back taxi.

Would fly on it again in a heartbeat.


That’s one heck of an approach in there. You are very lucky to be part of that and equally luckily your plane didn’t end on the beach at the end of the runway.

Haha! Awesome pics btw!


Looks like you had a great trip! I’ve flown this flight 4 times and flying it again this Feb. It’s such a short flight but the landing is so fun!


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