A Trip In Africa // FNLU - FACT // 777-200ER // TAAG Angola

Hello IFC :)

Since the new 772 has come out, I decided to do a short hop with it in Africa! I rarely fly in Africa so this was a great way for me to discover this great part of the world. I hope you enjoy!

Flight Details

Aircraft - 777-200ER
Airline - TAAG Angola Airlines
Route - FNLU - FACT
Flight Time - 3h 13m
Cruise Altitude - FL330
Cruise Speed - Mach 0.84

At The Gate In Luanda

Taking Off Runway 23

A Lovely Departure

Somewhere Over The Coast Of Africa…

Starting Our Decent Into Cape Town

On Final Runway 1 In Cape Town

A Butter In Cape Town

I Hope You All Enjoyed


looks beautiful I will do one of these flights soon

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Hey! This is very well-done! Appreciate someone actually post real 772 experience here :)

I REALLY ENJOYED THIS, hope more people will know about TAAG.

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@Infinite_flight_play Thank You!

@CapDUDE Thank you, TAAG has a wonderful livery in my opinion