A Trip From Grade 3 To 4

Today I flew a flight from San Jose (kSJC) to San Francisco (KSFO), reaching grade four for the very first time. I flew this route since it’s the first ever route I flew, which to my opinion seems fitting for this occasion. I used the Airbus A321 in the American Airlines livery since, according to my stats that’s the aircraft I used the most.

server: casual, route: KSJC-KSFO, time: 22:39z-22:51z, flight time: about eight minutes

  1. Parked at a stand closest to runways 30L
  2. Liftoff outta KSJC
  3. Banking left towards KSFO with beautiful salt flats in view
  4. a soft crosswind touch down at KSFO
  5. Parked at the gate with the engines spooling down
  6. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the chart at the end of the flight, so here is a snip it of my grade table instead

Thanks for viewing!!! =)


Nice pics congrats to getting grade 4 u know whats next u should do a 4 to 5 screenshots NICE PICS! keep IT UP!

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Thanks a lot, I sure will!!

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Your welcome! Cant wait for u to get to Grade 5!

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