A Trip Down Memory Lane... In The Present

Evening everyone! So before I get into the actual story, you’re going to need some context. I made a deal with my brother that if I played dodgeball with him he’d learn to fly in Infinite Flight. I keep my end of the bargain and he kept his. He already had Infinite Flight on his phone, but he didn’t know it was there (Don’t ask how, it’s a long story). So when we launched IF on his phone, something was strange, a bit off. It turned out that his phone was so old, that it didn’t have the IF that was up to date. He had the old version of it. The one without any animated instruments, the one with the old water. The A10 was there, but it didn’t have live instruments and the XCub wasn’t even in the game. Below are some pictures.

Here we have the main screen when you first login to IF.
Here is where you select the time, weather, aircraft, etc…
Here is the old menu where you pick the aircraft and livery.

Here is a picture of the old loading screen (This was the time when the 787 was released to IF).

Now, we’re on ground at SFO in the 737-700.

Here is just another view, but from the tower.

Here, we just rotated out of SFO.
Here is another picture of us climbing.

Here is another view of the old scenery.

I’ve heard I lot of great things about the old water and it was beautiful!

Here is a picture of us just after landing back at SFO!

Honestly, I didn’t use Infinite Flight back when this was the current version and it was great to be able to experience it. Keep in mind all of these pictures were taken no more than 30 minutes ago! Have a good night everybody!


This brings back memories! I can’t believe how much Infinite Flight has changed since Global. The water is gorgeous though. 😍


Don’t let him update it 😂 You have free access to the old Infinite Flight!


I can’t. His phone won’t update it, it’s so old.

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That’s what I said, lol, you got access to the old Infinite Flight so you can enjoy the old KNUC, KLAX, and KSAN


i have an old iphone 5 with this same IF. I got so many nostalgic feelings. Especially the water 😍


That’s what my brother has; the iPhone 5.

If has changed a LOT. Back in 2014 or something IF had “challenges” where you had to land the 747 or the SPACE SHUTTLE. It was really cool.


I’m going to have to check if the space shuttle is there. I really didn’t look much.

Can you un update IF? Because I think those got removed as soon as they reworked the 747

I don’t know…

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Oh man…thats real nostalgia

Wish we could see the missions return at some point…those were fun :(

Wow! Brings back so many memories of when I got IF in 2015!

However, I still greatly prefer global

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I had no idea there used to be missions!

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They were really fun - especially the Space Shuttle ones

R.I.P Infinite Flight Space Shuttle
you will be missed…


So I just checked and there is no space shuttle 😔. But, the Super D is still there!


The space shuttle was removed way back in like 2014 (can’t quite remember exactly when) so yeah it was removed a looooong time ago

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Yeah, I didn’t play IF in 2014.

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I had an old android but it auto updated the app and disabled it. I am sad now.

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WOW, this bring me back when i was playing IF for the frist time in 2013-2014 and now late 2019 IF so much change from previous!