A Trip Back In Time

Now, time for you you young’in’s to sit in and buckle up. We’re about to go back in time.

Boredom led me to dig out my old iPod Touch from 2012 today. Got it fired up, time to play some Infinite Flight from 2013!

Pressed the app and was taken to the loading screen.

Hmmm… where will I fly today?

Let’s fly from San Jose up the bay to San Francisco, in a Southwest 737-800.

Spawned in on the runway, ready for liftoff. Look at those controls!

Up we go! Speedy takeoff with sounds I forgot existed.

Autopilot set for this short noon time flight.

Time to descend into SFO. Configuring for the approach to 28L.

Final approach!

Touchdown on 28L. Reverse thrust with the click of a button.

Safely at the gate. What a fun flight! Infinite Flight has come such a long way and I’m proud to have been along for the ride.

Up and forward, blue skies to you all,



They say it’s a 737-800 but that 800 has double exit window. I dont see a second, do you?


Wow, How much Infinite Flight has changed.

It’s the evolutions of mobile flight simulator


Oh boy do I remember that! The old logo, the not super great looking planes (compared to now), and most of all, the 787-9 was labeled as the 787-900


I also remember the shuttle missions too. Infinite Flight has come a long way and they’re just starting. The future is very uncertain and I know their work will continue to get better and better.


Always is great to have a trip back in time!

I’ve still got IF installed on my Ipod Touch!

Let me just turn it o…oh…

If you’re wondering, the battery had completely died, and there was a crack right next to the home button which developed to destroy the whole screen. I was adventurous and basically ripped the whole thing apart, I don’t know why I’ve still got it 2 years later 🤣


I wasn’t even around in 2013, I came in 2015. IF was a completely different sim back then, and I’m feeling nostalgic even though I never even played back then. Looking back then and then seeing where we are now, it’s amazing to see how much IF has changed.

That old logo is awesome, brings back memories.

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I think you shouldve labeled this “sneak peek 20.1”


So that’s what FDS means. I wonder if you have the space shuttle in that version.

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OMG great post!!! This brings back so many memories lmao

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I am falling over laughing. This would be the single greatest thing ever to occur


Oh man I remember this! I had an iPod Touch with IF on it too! Fun times.
Hadn’t subscribed to Live (as it was called back then) so never flew with ATC.

Wow…It has been long since I have seen that version.
Kinda letting some tears go because, look how nostalgic.
I had fun with the pre global update on my ipad 2nd gen.
And I even grew up with it. Feels good to go down memory lane.

By the way.
737 plane = a340 wings.

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If you want to bring back some true nostalgia, gotta spawn in at Half Moon Bay

Now look where the sim is now. Crazy how far we’ve come.

This is awesome. It’s truly amazing to see how far the devs have come!

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The winglets tho.

Wow, we have definitely grown as a community and a game!


I remember these old times. One thing i miss is the water though, and the old replay system.