A Trip Across The World! | Korean Air 787 Seoul to Las Vegas

It’s that time again that I make another Screenshots and videos topic! I figured I do a flight that looks pretty cool irl, Seoul to Las Vegas! This fun flight takes you from the beautiful area of South Korea to the hot and dry city of Las Vegas. Flight time on this flight was 9:52 hours and on the expert server (Imagine having to actually say what server you’re on 🙃)

One small detail I want to point out is this was an experimental flight. What I was told was flying with flaps 15 would reduce fuel burn as well as give the 787 a smaller AOA during cruise. I’ll talk more about this towards the end of the topic.

Anyway, let’s get this topic started!

Here is our beautiful flying machine that will get us to Las Vegas, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner! This aircraft features a host of advancements such as being made of 53% of carbon composite materials. The engines powering this Dreamliner are the General Electric GEnx-1Bs! (Boeing 787 Dreamliner)

As we soar out of Seoul and across South Korea, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty in this country. FUN FACT! Being born in South Korea automatically makes you a 1-year-old! Koreans also prefer titles over names! (Facts About South Korea)

As we cross the world at 43,000 feet, we come across one of the last land masses before we enter the United States, Hokkaido, Japan! Below us is the city of Sapporo. FUN FACT! The name “Sapporo” originates from the Ainu language, with “sat poro pet” meaning “dry, great river” (Facts about Sapporo)

After several hours of flying over the Northern Pacific Ocean, we arrive upon the shores of California, United States! California is full of many interesting places including Redwood National and State Parks, Hollywood, and the Golden Gate Bridge! FUN FACT! The population in California is greater than the entire population of Canada! (Californa Fun Facts)

After nearly 10 hours later, we’re on our approach into Las Vegas! FUN FACT! As many of us know, Las Vegas recently finished the world’s largest spherical screen! But, did you know that Las Vegas sees over 300 weddings a day!? Thats right, 300+! On average, Las Vegas hosts about 10,000 marriage ceremonies every month, which comes out to about 300 a day! (Fun Facts About Las Vegas)

After 9 hours and 52 minutes of flying, we have arrived at Las Vegas! Time to disembark and lose all our money at the casinos!

Here is the route I took!

Enjoy this fun video I made of the takeoff, landing, airport spotter, and flyby!

Now, you are probably curious about the flaps 15 and 43,000-foot altitude I took the entire way to Las Vegas, well, it turns out that you can save quite a bit of fuel by doing that and reduce the AOA to make the 787 look a tad bit more realistic in cruise. I don’t have the numbers because I didn’t really care about having to prove this to people, but I can say that I now know how to do even longer flights with the 787.

Anyway, thanks for reading my topic and I hope to see you soon in the skies again! 👋


You make the 787 look good! I never fly it because of the horrible interior.

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This was the first time in a really long time that I actually enjoyed flying the 787. Those small things I did to it during flight made it so much better to fly

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Nice Butter 🧈🧈🧈 landing

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Great photos! Seems like a fun route to do sometime, and fantastic landing btw

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Same, an updated interior would make it so nice to fly, still a beautiful plane despite no updated interior.