A Tricky Approach

Today I did a cool flight with a event by @SkyTrail.
I hope you enjoy the pics!


Flight Time: 4:09
Aircraft: A320
Server: Expert (My First Time)
Event: 07JUN20 / 0600Z - A Tricky Flight @ WSSS

At the gate at Singapore

Waiting for Takeoff.

Taking off.

Cruising as another event participant flies above

Approaching Kai Tak.

Some blocker on the runway in a B744

Going around because of the mentioned before B744 in front.

Parked at the gate.

A view from above.

I hope you all enjoyed!


Thank you for joining my Event!

Maybe put the photo where someone sat on a runway which cause almost all us to go around, specifically me (4 times)

I’ll do that!

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I love trying to land at Kai Tak. Great shots!

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This was fun! Great shots too!

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Great! I really what to approach to Kai tak following the right route! Mybe with the Queen!

Really nice shots mate, well done!

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Very nice pics!