A Tribute to the Old American

Hey IFC! So I wanted to pay tribute to the American B757 since the carrier has recently retired the aircraft due to the Pandemic. So that’s what I did, I flew the best aircraft ever built, aka the B757-200, so I took to the skies with the American B752!

Server: Expert

Aircraft: B757-200

Route: Phoenix Sky Harbor - John Wayne Airport (KPHX-KSNA)

Flight Time: 1 hour and 11 minutes

Preparing for Pushback at Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l

Barreling Down Runway 08

Banking Out of Phoenix, Arizona

Leaving the Desert and Heading West

Passing Over the Coachella Valley with the Salton Sea in the Distance

Flying Over Mt. San Jacinto; the Second Tallest Peak in Southern California and the Moreno Valley in the Distance

Turning on Final for Runway 20R at John Wayne-Orange County Int’l Airport

And Touchdown!

“American 184, Taxiing to Parking”

Parked at Terminal A

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Uhm, I think you forgot someone :/

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No, I got 10 pictures. Jk 😂

@NoahM 😂

Nice post!


Thank you!

sadness overwhelmes me

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I was joking
@AviationFreak was the other 757 on landing, and a random person in the A320 😂

still sad

I don’t mention anyone in my #screenshots-and-videos posts 😂

you will now >:)

I did in the comments 😂

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