A Tribute to Tegel


As many of you know, Berlin Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” Airport is closing for good. And I thought, what about a tribute flight? I know we had some events and such, but I decided to do something different. So I gathered a few friends and took off on a flight to remember a legendary airport. @BritishAirways001, @Mukundan_Srivatsa, and @MJP_27 joined me on a formation paying tribute to all 3 Berlin airports, past, present, and future, beginning and ending at the historic Berlin Tegel airport. So join me, as we pay tribute to Tegel!

Lifting off from Berlin Tegel for the final time, in formation, while we get ready to pay tribute to the amazing airport. @Mukundan_Srivatsa is in the A319, and @BritishAirways001 is in the Dash-8, while I’m flying the 737-700 in the airline that formerly had a huge hub here at Tegel.

Quick little moonshot as we form up on @BritishAirways001 to begin our tribute to Tegel and the other Berlin airports.

Turning to line up and begin our pass over Berlin Tegel and the other Berlin airports.

@Mukundan_Srivatsa and his A319 pull out of formation as we welcome @MJP_27 to the flight. Think of it as Tegel leaving the club but welcoming Berlin Brandenburg. Thats really cheesy, isn’t it? 😂

Welcoming Berlin Brandenburg to the world as we fly over on our way to Tegel.

Flying over Berlin Tempelhof, closed in 2008. It’s been gone, but we certainly haven’t forgot the amazing airport. I’m sure the same will go for Tegel.

Go ahead and thank @MJP_27 for the barrel roll. 😂🙄

This is what you’ve all been waiting for, our formation flyover of Berlin Tegel Airport, a historic and legendary airport. It may be closing today after decades of service, but it’ll be remembered for decades to come.

@MJP_27 returned from the shadow realm just in time for us to get this photo of both of our 737’s banking to the right, as we begin our descent back into Tegel.

Touching down for the final time at Berlin Tegel “Otto Lilienthal“ Airport as we finish off a flight to remember the airport.

On November 8th, 2020, Berlin Tegel will join Tempelhof and many other airports in the history books. We may no longer see aircraft flying through this airport, but we will always remember how much Berlin Tegel impacted the city of Berlin.

Thank you for stopping by, feedback is accepted, and have a great day IFC! Let’s remember this amazing airport.


WOW! I love the second to last one. Nice barrel roll Mason.


Love the color correction, especially on the third one

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Beautiful tribute.

Sorry for doing the barrel roll. I just had to do it 😂🤪

I really like photo 9. I should put it as my Home Screen…ok you know what let’s do that


Are we going to ignore the fact that those shots are absolutely stunning ?!!
Not me , I really loved it, thank you for sharing !


(I’ll share it to friends btw)

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I did this flight with some of my friends just as global came out

Way better than my pics though, yours are BEAUtiful!

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Stunning photos! The cheesy joke we actually kinda good lol

I can’t even get 3 people
Please can I get invited


I remember this flight it was amazing very fun being a leader in the formation flight very nice photos


Haha, thank you!

The power of editing. Thanks!

It’s an honor. 😂

Thanks for flying with me!

Thank you, and you’re welcome! And feel free to share them as long as you credit me. 😉

Even the planes are the same 😂. It’s really fun.


Lol, surprised it was any good. Thank you! And yes I’ll invite you on future formation flights, I’m always happy to fly with someone.

It would kinda defeat the purpose if you didn’t remember it. Thanks!


Yep, no worries, I sent them the link of the thread, not screenshots.

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You’re good. 😉

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Awesome photos @Butter_Boi!
Using the second one as my wallpaper. 👍
Also, rest in peace Tegel.


Thanks for the new home screen!


It will be missed. Thank you Alex!

You’re welcome. 😜


Awesome i like it !

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Fantastic pictures that hit pretty deep with Air Berlin having been one of the airlines of my childhood. Thanks for sharing, absolutely moving to see this picture saying goodbye to Tegel with the Air Berlin colours!

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Thank you Julian. Really does mean a lot to me.

Thanks @DVM_Saro!

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