A Tribute to Pan Am

Pan American World Airways was founded in 1927 as an air mail and passenger carrier operating between Key West, Florida and Havana, Cuba. Considered the unofficial overseas flag carrier of the United States, Pan Am revolutionized long distance air travel. Pan Am’s flagship terminal was Worldport located at KJFK in New York City. Pan Am was the launch customer of both the B707 in 1958 and B747 in 1970, and was the first airline to operate the types on transatlantic flights to Paris and London respectively. Named after ships, the Clippers, as they were called, referred to aircraft capable of intercontinental travel. At its peak, Pan Am operated flights to 86 counties on six continents, and maintained hubs at KJFK, KMIA, EGLL, EDDF and RJAA. From flying boats to jumbo jets, Pan Am was one of the greatest airlines of our time until they ceased operations in 1991. On this, the year of their 90th birthday, remember Pan Am and all of its contributions to commercial air travel. (Photo Credit: D. Grothe)


long live Pan American

What airlines bought Pan Am? I know Delta was one of them.

What a amazing great airline. It was sad to see them go.

TWA, United, American, Delta, and Northwest Airlines got some part of Pan Am…

Delta won the bidding for most of the airline.

Google Search gets you the answers faster


Pan Am used to operate flights to Panama during its existence. They also assisted a group of Panamanian investors in the creation of the Panamanian Company of Aviation (Copa Airlines) in 1944, they owned 32% of the stake.

Here are some Pan Am planes at MPTO, that’s the old passenger terminal, today is now the cargo building.



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