A Transatlantic Flight in the A321

So I wanted to do a transatlantic flight but I didn’t want to fly a big jet like the 777 as I wanted the flight to be a bit more unique. So I chose to fly the Air Transat A321-200 (though I was modelling a flight that uses the A321neo LR IRL) from EGKK to CYYZ. I obviously had to use the default livery because IF doesn’t have an Air Transat livery for the A321 :(.

Route: EGKK to CYYZ
Flight Time: 7h 21mins
Flight Number: TSC123
Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Generic Airbus A321-200

Climbing over the British countryside with London in the background.

A shot of the Sun over the Atlantic Ocean.

Cruising over some stunning scenery in Vermont.

And finally a smooth touchdown on RWY23 in CYYZ. Landing V/S was -131 FT/M



I think I’ve met my match…

I’m joking of course… 👀😳

Nice shots, nice choice of airline, nice choice of route, and nice that people do choose a more realistic Generic aircraft over a 777!

Looks like you had fun! I flew a Transatlantic Air Transat A321 flight a couple of weeks ago, was a real blast!


Thanks! I must agree that it was much more fun than the previous transatlantic flights I’ve done in the A350, 777 and all of the widebodies.

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@Declan_Mcgee would approve 👌


If ya want a coo liveried narrow body transatlantic flight then fly EI A321 from EIDW-KBOS,KEWR,KPHL and KBDL. Then from EINN-KJFK, and KBOS

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Ok thanks @Declan_Mcgee

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