A tower controller’s first day at his job

What’s the point of having ATC at EGLL?


I have always avoided large busy airports when controlling on TS. You’re ignored all to often. Try opening at a smaller airport where you will find more serious players


I noticed that there are currently 4 aircraft on Runway 27L,I’m a little concerned about that.


I wasn’t tower…this is what I observed another controller is doing

I am equally concerned

I don’t think this is the controller doing. TS is full of this behaviour, because people are impatient and have zero consequence for ruining others experiences.


You should fly on Expert Server if you want realism,and if you think you have the skills,I recommend you join IFATC. On Expert,there is no way that an event like this will happen.
Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting
ATC Training Team

Just to re-iterate though, the training server is for training, a place for bidding IFATC to train and for people to simply “have a go” at ATC and get used to ATC commands - unfortunately sometimes things like this can happen at the busier airports due to inexperience on both the controllers and pilots part.

Maybe they’re all just having a conga on 27L? ;)


So you picked EGLL on Training, for your first go as ATC. Wow!
Remember that EGLL, KLAX, KSFO, etc appear to attract a lot of noobs. Controlling there, can be frustrating.
I recommend to pick a less obvious airport. Also, on Training, I suggest you pick an airport with sufficient winds so that one of the runway is marked red. This seems to trigger pilots to use the green runways. But prepared to be surprised there too.

Focus on the pilots that want to follow instructions. For the rest…don’t let it get to ya!


There will always be people who don’t understand ATC on the Training Server. Best suggestion it to be IFATC.

I once ran ground at LAX on training server for 1.5 hours. I was so exhausted afterward…the amount of traffic was unreal.

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