A tour of Ozarka Colleges Skyhawk N738QF

Hello IFC, Today I would like to present a tour of one of my flight schools plane. This is the primary airplane I will be flying for my Insturment rating! This 1978 Cessna 172 N has a beefed up 180 horsepower engine, can carry 21.5 gallons of 100 LL Avgas in each wing has an endurance of about 4 hours and can seat 4. Avionics wise it has a standard 6 pack of instruments with a Garmin 430 GPS system along with with 2 Localizer/Glideslope Combinations. The airplane is equipped with ADS-B in and out soo yall can track me when I fly this includes VFR as well! I will try and get more pictures If N738QF from the inside when I can!
Bonus question: why are the flaps down in my pictures and who can tell me what degree of flaps my airplane has?


3 almost identical photos doesn’t constitute a tour 🙂